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Engineering & Design

Taris Engineering has 20 years experience in the engineering and design of components for the mining, earthmoving and transport industries.

We use Solidworks software to enable all designs to be function tested, loaded & certified to confirm all designs will achieve the required goals prior to manufacturing. We review all design options to determine which design best meets our client’s requirements. We also supply our clients with design certification for any structural load requirements.

Innovation And Custom Designs

  • Our innovative and custom designs have been integral to the success of the Company. We have achieved this by enhancing  genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) products to improve the serviceability and longevity of the components while still maintaining the dimensions of the original so it can be interchangeable if required.

Engineered and Certified

  • Taris Engineering has highly qualified independent Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers & Metallurgists which have extensive experience spanning the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction sectors. Taris Engineering can assist in the development of  cost effective design solutions to rectify issues occurring on-site.

Trouble Shooting

  • With 20 years experience in the field of engineering, we are able to identify trouble spots or weak points in components and machinery. Problems can be solved quickly and accurately ensuring that minimal downtime is achieved. Through troubleshooting, we have identified opportunities for design enhancements which have increased the longevity and reliability of components.